Our company aims to serve the luxury fashion industry

Based In Milan-Italy, known as the global fashion capital, we are the ultimate luxury brand source, with contacts in the industry and services un paralleled in the field, including our online portal b2b lux fashion the first to aggregate offers from major suppliers

Our Services

Our Core business is in the in the selling of stocks, current season and next season from a collection of the largest International Fashion Brands


Participate in the end of season sales for selected brands, or consider a deal for a special price for take all quantity.


Our portal B2B Lux fashion , aggregates the latest offers of all Major Suppliers of Luxury Fashion in Europe


The best way to get the latest trends right off the runway is pre-order, to get the best prices, and the goods in time

Why Elixir?

What Is An Elixir? Just Like The Fashion Objects We Help To Sell, An Elixir Also Called Elixir Of Life Is An Alchemic Preparation Formerly Believed To Be Capable Of Prolonging Life, Or An Alchemic Preparation Formerly Believed To Be Capable Of Transforming Base Metals Into Gold.